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He was the first experimental psychologist at Oxford. It was perhaps a symptom of his unsettled state that he felt it would be a good idea to move from Oxford to Harvard. He held an honorary doctorate from the University of Manchester and was named an honorary fellow of St. He therefore sold it to Brown in February and joined the Globe as a political writer. Between and , he served as a major in the British Army Medical Corps where he worked with victims of shell shock post-traumatic stress disorder. Volume 1, pages — in A history of Psychology in Autobiography. He began some animal experiments to test the Lamarckian hypothesis, and he published during this period two considerable but little read books— Outline of Psychology and Outline of Abnormal Psychology London: Methuen. Additional topics. He was interested in eugenics , but departed from neo-Darwinian orthodoxy in maintaining the possibility of the inheritance of acquired characteristics, as suggested by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck ; he carried out many experiments designed to demonstrate this process. He was also offered a federal judgeship in British Columbia, which he turned down. Returning to Cambridge, McDougall sampled the German and British philosophical psychologists of his period.

The former was philosophicaland tentative in his approach, with a bias against mechanism and an interest in psychological functioning; the latter was dogmatic in his claim that mental content is the only valid subject matter for psychology.

A second edition appeared in Detroit: Gale Research Company, Putnam's Sons.

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The American Press was critical of McDougall as his lectures on national eugenics were seen as racist. A Guide to Psychologists and Their Concepts. It sold off crown lands, with the expectation that farms would be developed. He returned to Ottawa, and campaigned against Manitoba becoming a province because of its very few inhabitants at that time. This reversal of the policy of maintaining reserves distant from settlement, intended to protect indigenous culture from encroachment, broke faith and bred resentment. Dispatches on microfiche at the Main Library of the City of Toronto include his request for 1, British troops to be sent on the authority of Queen Victoria. He was always a moralist and sometimes a metaphysician, so that his conclusions were as often a function of his personality as of his data.

McDougall defended a form of animism where all matter has a mental aspect; his views were very similar to panpsychism as he believed that there was an animating principle in matter and had claimed in his work that there were both psychological and biological evidence for this position.

McDougall's suspicion was confirmed by independent experts who had examined photographs of the hand.

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New Yor and London: Putnam. The American Press was critical of McDougall as his lectures on national eugenics were seen as racist.

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He carried on his Lamarckian work, he supported psychical research, he built up a good psychology department, and he published extensively on a wide range of topics. Many of the psychiatric casualties of World War I suffered from the hysterical condition known as shell shock.

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On the following day, November 19, an opening ceremony took place at the new Gettysburg cemetery, built for fallen soldiers of the American Civil War.

He received his education at Victoria College in Cobourg, Upper Canada, and inbegan practising law as an attorney and solicitor in Upper Canada.

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William McDougall (politician)