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Echoes of Infant Voices. The American poetry had established its own identity from British poetry by varying the rhythms, forms, diction and tone.

They have been able to use their poems to fight for a cause, portray the way of life or cultures, and share their imaginations and experiences to their readers. This volume is a first edition.

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There are poems that became famous and had been preserved and past down through generations. One of his well known compositions is the Song of Hiawatha.

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During the the history of American poetry formally began. He wrote to William Dean Howells : "The danger of our literature He worked as a lawyer and editor of New York Evening Post.

Shaw, an American military officer in the Union Army during the American Civil War, commanded the all-black 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, which entered the war in According to scholar Kevin Stein, this emphasis reflects an expectation that poetry should have didactic messages and that poems can be used for moral betterment.

Crosby and H.

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