What are the benefits of 7 eleven s retail information system in fast food

The functional description of the information system is first discussed followed by the different technology used in the information system.

From this information, the store manager can see that plum onigiri is being sold as a substitute.

what might be the reasons for 7 elevens not being in most european countries

In conclusion, Strengthening customer and supplier intimacy lead to win-win situation. Technology From its start, Seven-Eleven Japan had sought to simplify its operations by using advanced information technology.

7-eleven retail information system

In order to attain more competitive advantage from others they need to update to newer technology and improve their supply chain services to reap further profits. For example, suppose that the POS data showed that 10 cheese sandwiches delivered at a. After reviewing and analyzing their system we could hardly find any challenges that they face currently. This quick startup time also includes extensive training. Kellog School of Management, Startup is fast. Seven-Eleven Japan attributes a significant part of its success to the Total Information System installed in every outlet and linked to headquarters, suppliers, and the Seven-Eleven distribution centers. Before the scanner terminals were introduced, truck drivers waited in the store until the delivery was checked. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Orders of fast food and fresh food items are placed three times a day, magazines once a day, and processed food items three times a week. These information can give it to suppliers then they can determine to import which products from the wholesale, which season import which items, which items would import more to get most profitable.

After reviewing and analyzing their system we could hardly find any challenges that they face currently. For examples, now some 7-Eleven have the fast food counter to sell the fast food like fish ball, dumplings.

7-eleven pos software

SEJ uses the POS data and its accumulated know-how to decide which items to include in its recommendations. The POS data show that plum onigiri rice balls began to sell only after tuna onigiri delivered at the same time were sold out. PAGE7 2. Background Study 2. At that point in time, an integrated services digital network ISDN was installed. SEJ's basic philosophy has been that its information system is critical to managing all of their SKU's given its limited shelf space. The main register has all price information stored inside, so the price information is fast retrieved when a bar code is read by a scanner. Conclusion: Seven Eleven Japan has been successful in developing and implementing rationalization throughout its supply chain. As soon as a customer purchased an item and paid at the POS register, the item information was retrieved from the store computer and the time of sale was automatically recorded. With RISE, franchisees can more easily manage product assortment, order product and create a cash report with as few keystrokes as possible. Because the next delivery truck will arrive at noon, the store will lose all the potential cheese sandwiches sales until noon. Introduction 1. These computers were also on the network linking the store to the head office as well as the vendors.

Sales data gathered in each store by p. And throughout the entire process, 7Eleven Franchise Sales Representatives are available to Glassdoor is your resource for information about 7Eleven benefits and perks. It can avoid the excess inventory and save the inventory cost includes the expensive rental expenses.

7-eleven supply chain
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