The life and accomplishments of a great physicist albert einstein

Bellis died in March He was always a little different from other children: his head was slightly larger than normal, and he hardly spoke as a young boy, leading one housekeeper to consider him "retarded".

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Growing up, he enjoyed classical music and played the violin. Those observations were published in the international media, making Einstein world-famous.

Light Quanta and Wave-Particle Duality The most common misconceptions concerning Einstein's introduction of his revolutionary light quantum light particle hypothesis in are that he simply applied Planck's quantum hypothesis of to radiation and that he introduced light quanta to "explain" the photoelectric effect discovered in by Heinrich Hertz and thoroughly investigated in by Philipp Lenard.

He went there in At the age of just 16, he had already made his first conceptual breakthrough while looking at a mirror and wondering what he would see if he were traveling at the speed of light a thought experiment sometimes referred to as "Einstein's Mirror".

When describing the achievements of other physicists, the tendency is to enumerate their major discoveries; when describing the achievements of Einstein, it is possible to say, simply, that he revolutionized physics.

Much of this work was highly controversial or just ignored within the scientific community of the time, and he continued his work at the patent office until At the time the Nazis, led by Adolf Hitlerwere gaining prominence with violent propaganda and vitriol in an impoverished post- World War I Germany.

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The life and accomplishments of a great physicist albert einstein
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Albert Einstein: Biography and Major Accomplishments