The effect of the egyptian revolution on consumer behavior

Fourth, in some countries individuals may be cautious about openly searching for texts or videos of opposition figures, particularly in countries where there is a high degree of government internet monitoring. Personal computers? Kirkpatrick and J. Finally, contrary to speculation that the Brotherhood would receive a boost by delegating former International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA head Mohammed ElBaradei to lead negotiations with the government and his robust defense of the right of the Muslim Brotherhood to contest elections, ElBaradei did not figure prominently in online searches of opposition figures. This problem is exacerbated by the fast pace of events and their unprecedented nature the very facets that make them so important because both factors limit the degree to which observers can rely on history to predict what the future holds. These are daunting, but crucial questions. Online shopping has been hampered by low internet penetration rates, but this is projected to change soon. Identifying likely outcomes in fast-paced and dynamic situations like the unrest currently gripping the Middle East is always difficult. It is important to stress the distinction between attentiveness and opinion.

Most notably, search data has helped scientists predict outbreaks of influenza,[8] economists predict changes in car, home sales and unemployment levels,[9] and sociologists predict consumer behavior such as attending movies or purchasing movies or video games.

There were limited searches for the grand imam of al-Azhar, Ahmed al-Tayib, in the day period of this study. Inform your marketing, brand, strategy and market development, sales and supply functions.

egyptian revolution 2011 causes and effects

Google Insights allows users to compare interest in up to five terms over time. A comparison of searches for the leading opposition figures including Mohammed ElBaradei, Ayman Nour, and Amr Moussa shows Moussa fast outpacing other rivals.

Why Google Insights? Related Articles. Testing for convergent validity using vector auto-regression and correlation analysis, Ripberger compares Google Insights with a New York Times-based media attention measure and finds strong positive and statistically significant correlation coefficients for a variety of terms such as global warming, health care and terrorism.

There were limited searches for the grand imam of al-Azhar, Ahmed al-Tayib, in the day period of this study. Will the Muslim Brotherhood dominate a fractured and ineffectual opposition? To answer these questions, it is essential to understand what Google Insights can and cannot measure and compare its strengths and weaknesses to conventional tools for taking the social temperature in Egypt. The problem is that information viewed retroactively always points far more definitively to a decisive outcome than in the days before the incident actually occurs. One of the central challenges to assessing the likely outcome of a mass social movement as witnessed in Egypt is that researchers lack tools for understanding the impact of the ideas and thought leaders sustaining the social unrest. The recent news that a younger cohort of Brotherhood members, many of whom were the first to join the protests against the wishes of more senior party members , are now openly discussing forming their own political party could provide an opportunity for future analysis about the impact of this generational rift online. Foresee the Arab Revolts? Two prominent religious figures have returned home since the uprising: Amr Khaled, a young, charismatic televangelist, and Shaykh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a television personality with his own show on al-Jazira and a popular and far more conservative religious authority.

In this particularly challenging research environment, tools that quickly survey a large cross section of the Egyptian population should be of enormous interest to social scientists. But while most are adapting to a more restricted shopping regimen, affluent households continue to spend.

Tunisia until recently stood out among Arab countries as an example. To estimate public attention, researchers traditionally utilize two tools: public opinion polls and media analysis.

effects of the egyptian revolution 2011
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Consumer Lifestyles in Egypt