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Apart from its retail outlets and consultants, Body Shop has no specific group buyers. There are number of other major players in Saudi cosmetic industry offering same products as the Body Shop, so the Body Shop will have to bring differentiated products in the market.

One of the objectives should aim at improving the rewarding systems.

the body shop differentiation strategy

Ingredients: The witch hazel extract objects and tea tree oil help to gently clean and moderate sebum in the skin surface. Who are our major competitors and their strengths and weaknesses.

Moreover, their websites should be more detailed to orient the customers to different products. As the usage of cosmetic is increasing among males, Body Shop will have a chance to capture market share of male customers, because Body Shop offers a wide range of products that are especially produced for men. Generally, customers are not given an opportunity to choose from a wider range of products, as these are not diversified. The company purchases such ingredients as blue corn from the Pueblo Indians in New Mexico and Brazil nut oil from the Kayapo Indians of the Amazon River Basin, and thus proves to be beneficial socially and cost-wise. In the franchised shops, the company should enhance selective distribution. Demographically high opportunity Asian markets are showing an increase in consumer spending and increased trend towards purchase of personal care and grooming products among the urban population in these countries. Threats Intense competition from other big and small cosmetics company has forced Body Shop to reduce product prices for favourable competition in the market.

Such market strategy development is known as "green marketing" which is more about changing the type of advertising.

These are the ways how we approach our environmental target, protect our planet.

body shop green marketing

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Marketing Plan for the Body Shop Essay Example