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After the war Nokia could expand its international business again. This means minimum regulations; fair, broad-based taxation as low as feasible and simple for compliance; liberalized trade both domestic and external, and helping to create a financial sector with easier access to funds for all businesses.

Advice of how to build a successful start-up. Plans can range from those with the most minimal structure through to very comprehensive and detailed, long-term plans. So you would wonder how everything turned to be a big thing.

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It is important to respond right away, take ownership of the situation, and be honest. Do you need to adopt the strategies of the most successful business leaders when creating your own?

Although several studies have shown strong positive links between planning and business success e. The problems and factors that need to be considered when expanding the company in different countries.

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What kind of business can you do at home to get a high profit? Digital Age in Business Although digital transformation is not such an interesting topic as five years ago, modern technology development still affects the business sphere and add new possibilities to the improvement process.

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H successful entrepreneurs have more suitable financial situation than failure entrepreneurs 4- to identify how much the performance of successful and failure entrepreneurs in small industrial business is related to their planning and organizational issues?

This ultimately relates to the overall quality of education that a country can provide for its people. Two important characteristics of a businessperson are risk-taking and innovation

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Journal of Small Business Management