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DC: It was exotic? Shore, S. How am I looking at something? They agreed to back a book, but unfortunately could only offer him a limited budget, and Shore was forced to whittle the series down to a mere forty images.

Uh, three young boys were looking at something and pointing. I mean, it takes a lot of understanding on her part, to do that; to participate in a trip like that. And so, I would often include cars for that reason, because I understood that they were going to be time markers in the picture.

He then mounted the first exhibition of the series by simply taping the small machine-made prints he got back from the stores onto the walls of a gallery in a large grid.

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Shore creates a seamless image that makes the viewers feel they are the ones who noticed the light streaming through a telephone booth, the dance of telephone wires over a dusty street, the color of a turquoise pipe, the sky reflected in the hoods of parked cars, and generally how great our world can look if one takes some time.

AS: Okay, enough about Evans.

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But none is there to see through, as if transparent, none is what a photograph once was called, a window into the world.

AS: The one thing that throws me, when I look through the new edition, is the emergence of all of never-before-seen portraits.

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But what [Uncommon Places] is really about, is my explorations, my travels, through looking. When you were really getting what you wanted? Their work is intellectual underpinning. Sorry about that tangent. Before the s, color photography was regarded as pedestrian, meant for amateurs and family snapshots. Andy may have been more…cynical than I am. Further from the camera, occupying a central position at the top of the frame, is a smaller plate upon which sits a bowl holding half a cantaloupe. Very hot day. It was, like, maybe fifteen minutes of attention had been compressed into this thing you can take in, in a few seconds. When one looks at the book carefully, and with the diversity of the entire project in mind, one gets the distinct sense that something has been left out; or to be more accurate, that these forty photographs represent only the tip of an iceberg. What I saw every day was someone making aesthetic decisions. AS: Did that change the way you worked at all? So, as a mental experiment, I would try to take a mental snapshot of my field of vision—what does this look like now?

Within a year of his solo show at the Met, Shore was on the road photographing American Surfaces, a body of pictures that is now largely seen as the key to deciphering his more popular Uncommon Places work. Shore was taking photographs for Uncommon Places at the same time at which painters were exploring Photorealism, with artists such as John Baeder and Ralph Goings similarly depicting the diner as a significant site for North American life.

And then it just stopped.

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Stephen Shore: American Surfaces