South korean business etiquette

Sneezing and blowing your nose in public is considered rude and sometimes funny. Punctuality As has already been stated, you should be punctual for meetings and leave plenty of time for your journey to avoid arriving late. While it is common in other countries to extend dinner invitations to spouses, this is not the case in Korea; business entertaining tends to be reserved for the people directly involved.

Until you are on very good terms with a Korean counterpart, it is best to use the family name preceded by an honorific such as Mrwhether speaking directly to them or about them to another Korean.

Korean business dinner etiquette

Christmas is another time when it is common to give gifts to clients and partner companies. It is advised to be modest and humble. Appreciate their creativity and willingness to try new things as their risks and initiatives often pay off. Blowing your nose is public is considered rude. Cultural differences also influence communication. Koreans are generally easy to access and do business with. However, this is changing and you should make direct eye-contact when addressing business professionals and clients, as doing so is expected and is interpreted as an indication of your honesty and interest. If so, be sure to place the opposite hand under the elbow similar to the handshake gesture above. Sneezing and blowing your nose in public is considered rude and sometimes funny. Large numbers are confusing as Northeast Asia counts in groups of four digits 10,, ,, rather than in thousands. Hospitality Hospitality is an important part of South Korean business culture. Avoid becoming visibly frustrated or irritated as this could insult your host. Expect meetings to be fast moving as Koreans generally do not like to waste time. South Korea is a country where things can happen extremely quickly. You may consider many of the details and questions asked to be irrelevant or unrelated to the point at hand, but try to be patient and provide them with answers for the sake of the business relationship.

Do not deal out your cards as though you were playing a game of cards as this risks being interpreted as rude. Work on developing your relationships just as you would your professional skills.

south korean etiquette

Your counterpart is trying to determine where you fit in the hierarchy. This is particularly true if your counterpart is weak at English. It is customary for the host to order the food, which all arrives at the same time.

The decision- making process in Korea is done collectively and up through the hierarchy and therefore does take more time than you may be used to. Cultural differences also influence communication. That means that meetings can last for hours at a time.

korean business culture in america

You will often be offered tea during business meetings. If you are sitting down, place it on the table in front of you for the duration of the meeting. Maintaining face As in other Asian societies, maintaining face is central to the way business and social relationships work.

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Understanding South Korean Business Etiquette