Setting goals for writing a book

Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare?

Setting goals for writing a book

You are the only one who can make that choice. Find pictures or graphics of what success looks like for you. If one of your goals is to establish yourself as an authority in your niche, then a book is likely relevant, as it's a great tool for that. Actionable goals contain an action—something you have to do or apply to reach your goal. Your goal should be to nurture a regular writing habit rather than write that bestselling book. Which tiny question can my next blog post answer? So, wipe that slate clean of all self-doubt and fear. You must draw boundaries and protect your writing time.

I like to set realistic goals to limit disappointment and increase my chances of success. I felt like I was just muddling through. The last example takes that one step further, because you can also now measure whether or not you completed a speaking engagements and had your book included in holiday promotions.

smart goals

Set realistic and relevant goals that enhance your overall objectives instead of distract you from them. Why would you take time you could be spending to craft pitches and crank out articles to instead set goals and conduct self-review?

daily goal writing

Right now best I can do is a 10K. For me. This should give you enough detail to expand into a book while remaining simple enough to include all your concepts concisely and effectively.

List of writing goals

Copyright Jodi Brandon Editorial. Knowing this will help determine both your writing style and how you organize your text. Be smart. Research the gaps in Chapter 1. Having the accountability of a requirement to complete my goal also helps me stick to it. Why not take some time this week to refresh your mindset and set yourself up for success? Assign yourself the task assignable and write it in your calendar to make sure you remember. How Will This Be Read? Ready to recharge with a goals check-in? We tend to underestimate how much we can achieve by doing small amounts of work on a regular basis, and by making tiny changes. But the practice often feels different. Write it down. I will take three online classes about writing by the end of this year. Keep a positive attitude.
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SMART Goals Examples for Writers