Rohm and haas case study 2

The results of the previous survey showed that the majority of users sourced from small, local supply shops close to their business, therefore this promotional strategy will make Kathon MWX more visible and accessible to wider range of consumers.

These prices are rarely seen by the end-user, however. The decision making process for selecting a maintenance biocide involves determining whether the product is needed for their operation and if so, what is the least expensive, most effective, and easiest to use solution available. Pros: By focusing promotions and advertising towards the secondary network instead of the large distributors helps create awareness of the product to the actual users of the product. The market is estimated to have , potential customers therefore onsite visits are not possible for everyone. An incentive system for sample in the distribution channel must be introduced 1. Additional sales force would be needed to help penetrate the smaller markets. Cost effectiveness vs competitors 2. Formulators may resent the change since the product extends the life of the product they sell, which could decrease their sales.

This will offset the major drawback of this alternative which is the cost to implement a new promotional strategy. Until the market matures, the price should be kept at par with the competitors. Also, the concentrate biocide market is predicted to be cannibalized by the maintenance biocide market, hence adjusting the promotional strategy more towards the end users can boost sales by expediting this process sooner.

Customers are unaware of their position and experience in the market and may be apprehensive of trying a new product they may not even know they need. Problems Multiple distribution channels cause major price fluctuation Lower price may lead to bad perception about the product quality.

Description Rohm and Haas Case Study 1.

rohm and haas case study solution

Safety benefits of using Kathon MWX. Promotion 2. By selling directly through formulators and distributors though, the company has made it difficult to develop their own identity.

Rohm and haas case study 2

In addition to the promotion activities mentioned above, the product should also be demonstrated at trade shows to give many customers a hands-on demonstration to prove how safe the product is.

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Rohm and Haas HBR case analysis