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Table: 8 coping methods to stress- Life style management Techniques Std. The least was 4. Interpersonal Stress - this often results from difficulties in developing and maintaining relationships with other people such as supervisors, peers, or even subordinates in the organization. N Mean Deviation Yoga 88 1. It is important that the organization develops a culture in which attitudes towards employees are positive where there is respect for employees skills, knowledge and contribution and where mistakes are seen as learning opportunities rather than grounds for criticisms. The common view point that aged people are over stressed compared with newly hired young employees. Additional stresses are experienced while handling the personal, social, and cultural dilemmas of balancing work and family, discharging parental responsibilities, handling competition at the workplace and within the family, being an involved member of the extended family etc Nwarch, Organizational Structural Factors these include physical conditions in the work environment ranging from noise, heat, poor lighting etc. Sims and Doreen 8have examined the job factors and impact on behaviors of personnel of front line social service. However, work can also be a trendmendous burden, with deadlines to meet, work overload and difficult bosses placing considerable pressure and strain on workers. In carrying out the study, random sampling technique was used to select managers who have worked at least 5 years in a managerial position.

All the organizations have understood that the employees play a key role and they should be out of stress to give a high performance atmosphere. Thus these are the major findings of the research done at the lower level of the employees in SRF Ltd Viralimalai It is very difficult for the organization to provide a work environment with less stress individuals should envisage some coping strategies to balance their work and personal life.

research paper on stress

What this means is that people need some stress to survive and that is why Selye views stress as the spice of life, and the absence of stress, death. Selye and McGrath also suggest an inverted-U relationship between stress and performance. As regards marital status 14 The adverse consequences include: low performance and productivity, high rates of absenteeism and turnover, lost customers because of poor worker attitudes, increased alienation of the worker from the job, and even destructive and aggressive behaviours resulting in strikes and sabotage.

The next maximum recommendation goes to the option of time management, classical music, distinguishing productive and unproductive worries; stop the action and reframe, acceptance getting in to a hobby. Optimal performance in his model comes at the highest level of stress.

This study is limited within the Low level of employees. Consequence for the Family Distress, which is handled by individuals in dysfunctional ways, such as resorting to drinking or withdrawal behaviours, will have an adverse effect on their home life.

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The second highest 6 International Journal of Management is Jerrold S. The specific objectives of the study were to: i describe the nature of job stress and its effect on performance ii examine the causes, types and effects of job stress on the individual, and the organization. An integrated holistic approach is needed to increase 12 International Journal of Management the positive urge or energy with in individual, which let out stress. Stress management interventions: What do managers actually do? Effective stress management should overcome the stressors and it is obvious that no technique can completely remove stress but only can minimize it to negligible level. Between age

Spouse abuse, child abuse, alienation from family members, and even divorce could result from dysfunctional coping mechanisms. The second highest 6 International Journal of Management is Scott found that individual performance increases with stress and resulting arousal to an optimal point and then decreases as stress and stimulation increase beyond this optimum.

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