Reagan vs carter

ronald reagan

We were more than ready to climb into his car and make the mile trip back to Troy. Presidential transgressions are as old as the republic. That was the day I learned that Ohio was, in fact, the center of the universe when it came to American presidential politics.

Ten of the 16 elections featured errors of 3 percentage points or less, and in all but three campaigns, the polls were within 5 percentage points of the final outcome.

1984 presidential election

And a whole lot of it passed through Ohio. Carter left for the presidential retreat of Camp David. Asked about Carter's opinion of his lack of interest in the governors' association, Reagan fired back.

There was no such thing as Fitbit in those days. Corbin had denied wrongdoing before Congress but hinted to friends over the years that he had been behind it. I remember doing a lot of running back and forth between the Reagan and Carter events, which wasn't easy, given the security barriers.

Published 23 October Claim Ronald Reagan won the presidential election in a landslide despite trailing Jimmy Carter in public opinion polls two weeks earlier, so polls cannot be trusted to predict election results.

1976 presidential election

It is extremely rare in presidential campaigns that the two major party candidates are campaigning within blocks of each other in the same city, especially that early in the campaign season.

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Ronald Reagan Beat Jimmy Carter in a Landslide Despite Trailing 6% in Polls?