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They should have been in existence and regularly maintained, with at least nine posts. PDF or. As an adviser now, inducting my own students for the past 18 years, I watch them take pride knowing the rich tradition and what it means to do such important work in the interests of truth, service and integrity. Seeking to advance the cause of good journalism to as broad a public as possible, Quill and Scroll also awards prizes to nonmember schools and individuals who have, in the opinion of the national committee, made singularly important contributions to the profession. Joining[ edit ] To be eligible for a charter, a high school must publish a magazine, newspaper, yearbook , literary magazine, broadcast program, or website; or, the school must have students who are under the supervision of a local news bureau, radio or television station, or publication. Entries will be judged on timeliness, significance of material, suitable handling of topic, style of writing and originality. Quill and Scroll also offers a news media evaluation service to participating high schools, in which the school's newspaper and other media are given a detailed critique along with suggestions for improvement. January

Faculty members of a chartered school who teach journalism courses or who advise the school news paper or yearbook automatically become society members. They must be approved by the Society's Executive Director.

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Entries will be judged by news writing standards. They taught me to read for comprehension and how to apply that to news articles so that readers would find the pertinent issues in a news piece.

Activities[ edit ] Quill and Scroll have no requirements for local chapters' activities; each chapter is encouraged to engage in activities that best serve its school's journalism and publications program.

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And we can help you produce better journalism. No more than five individuals can submit entries from a single blog. Entries will be judged on enterprise, copy quality, reader appeal, display and design. January We also have a series of books and publications that can help you become a better teacher, your students write and report better, and even for your principal to better understand the law regarding student press rights. Although the term implies softer news, a feature is often defined by its length and style, not necessarily its subject matter. Our membership materials support your students and provide a chance for you to honor their best work. Judges will consider style and quality of writing, accuracy, interest and relevance to the primary audience. Feature Page Design Page layout is the part of graphic design that deals in the arrangement of visual elements on a page. General opinion, personal and humor columns are eligible.

In addition, the society publishes Quill and Scroll magazine, which features articles on the journalism profession. Program Quill and Scroll fulfills its mission in a variety of ways.

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All types of features, including sports, are eligible.

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