Psychological impact of video games

negative effects of videogames on mental health

An individual may feel pressured into buying the latest games and consoles. Sounds give the player feedback for their performance in the game. The study ultimately states that this cohort actually were using video games to socialise, relax, and cope. Computer games can help players increase their basic maths, reading and social skills.

Content Psychological effects of playing violent video games Many studies have shown that playing violent video games can increase aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behavioral tendencies.

violent video games social effects

They hypothesised that achieving a dissociative state could have potential to be positive for player wellbeing, provide relaxation, and encourage positive stress. Are these effects positive or negative?

video games impact on society

Magical flight and monstrous stress: technologies of absorption and mental wellness in Azeroth.

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Video games, gaming disorder, and violence: How video games affect you