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Giving something back I know entrepreneurs that have founded successful and respectable companies, but instead of giving something back to their employees, society, etc.

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Where we see many examples of excessive power and low responsibility, we also have example of handicap and helplessness created by excessive responsibility and low power.

Social position or expertise does not guarantee positions of authority because all authority is given from outside the individual who gains authority. This holds good in contemporary scenario.

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When you try to do something good, do it without any ulterior motives and without the expectation to get something back.

Whether it be the famous 'Mahatma Gandhi' or notorious 'Osama bin Laden', every person who got power also got responsibilities.

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It is a need of every country to maintain a free press for the purpose of keeping its people aware of their surroundings.

Greed and the avarice for money are the ulterior motives behind so many terrible actions that people did to each other and what makes it even worse is that greediness seems to blank out even the slightest concern about the possible consequences of this behavior and if others might suffer from it.

Now, even responsibility of outer space is increasing as humans are eliminating more and more waste there.

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Thus, having power always compels a person to abridge the limits of morality and infringe upon the rights of others. What is important is to recognize that there is already enough for everyone on this planet. If everyone to the best of their capabilities works their responsibilities, we will realise that the entire world is changing. Switching to one of these alternatives would be a great improvement on the death traps called nuclear power plants we have all over our planet. Throughout one's life a person is always under responsibilities. And that is only one example of a phenomenon that can be seen around the world — a small group of people that lived in their palaces full of riches they accumulated by taking advantage of others, while the rest of the country was predominantly living in poverty. There is no fixed definition for power it has different meaning for different individuals but the fact remains they wield influence over people by virtue of power, and hence the reason it lures us. Today the person in whom power is vested tends to enjoy all the power wielded in him but is not ready to accept the responsibility that comes with it. It is something that lures us. In the same case, too much responsibility can put more stress on that freedom-seeking teen and can have devastating effects. Some might be too busy, so they donate a small amount of their salary; others donate their time and manpower and work voluntarily for a charitable organization. Mahatma Gandhi had the power of leadership. Even though it was a just fictitious comedy movie, many aspects of it were quite true — such as the fact that many leaders or kings of African countries have obtained massive riches — more or less by exploitation of the natural resources and their country in general.

Even injury to one soldier is regarded as fault of commander.

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Essay on The Effects Of Power On Responsibility