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The western culture is that it is replacing itself with the Indian culture. When the British occupied India, they build many schools throughout the country and this made the literacy increase and the poorest class of society had access to knowledge. In the Indian culture, people had respect for the young and elders however, since the western culture has arrived, the respect had gone and now the behaviors of many people have changed. Various technological developments made it possible to make life more comfortable. Before the colonial period, local customs were observed very seriously. People tend to lose their own cultures and tradition and are evident in the way some people conduct themselves. These artisans and craftsmen have grown in numbers and now the Indian labor force and become more skilled and handy. Technology has improved the way works are done, faster communication and has been a reliever to most people. For example, a village boy is being educated until he attained his degree and gets a job, he will help his family back in the village by improving their standard of living from a thatched house to a much better one. But when we consider the pubs, it is the thing to be strictly punished. People normally get a plastic surgery to look western is because it gives the back a round and a perkier shape, it also straightens hair. Due to the popularization of western culture and education, these cultures are gradually being forgotten.

References: related:creative. Change in the system of government. In conclusion, we can say that the benefits and harm of western education depends on how we use them.

They also think that being western is superior, and because they have a dominant history. Also, in the Indian religion, no boy or girl are allowed to date each other however, today in India, many youngsters are breaking these laws and are celebrating valentines day and are not alert of their religion and this is reducing the value of the Indian religion for them.

For example, before the spread of westernization, infidelity was something that was severely treated and spoken against in Fijian communities, should a man or woman cheat on his or her spouse, that person will be brought to the village square and flogged, but now all you see are married men engaging in the act and still say that there is absolutely nothing wrong for a man to cheat on his wife.

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I guess always the other side of the grass is green. Additionally, westernization also introduced a very reliable means of faster and convenient means of doing work.

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Merits and Demerits of Western Culture on India Essay Example