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I am available for interview at any time and look forward to hearing from you soon. This will help ensure you are targeting jobs at the right level.

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Have a look at the example cover letters in this booklet page 23 and 24 or on our website to see how this is done. The amount of space given to a section reflects the amount of importance you attach to it. Top reasons employers give for unsuccessful applications include: poor spelling and grammar, not answering the question asked, not following instructions, lack of research on the organisation and not practising for tests that are part of the application process. Transcribe correspondence between anti-slavery activists in the 19th century is waiting to be discovered in collections of handwritten pages. They are both important. Be a thorough, ruthless editor of your own CV. The standard convention is to use an academic referee and your most recent employer. A well prepared CV or application form increases your chances of success, but how do you market yourself in another sector? How close are they to your discipline? Any academic awards? This will help ensure you are targeting jobs at the right level. Use a font size between 10 and Your name and address should be clearly shown at the top, right-hand corner of the letter.

You can also mention details on your cover letter or application form, if appropriate. This will help to ensure you are applying to the organisation or specific division that best matches your skills, motivations, and future plans.

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There are also specialist seminars focusing on specific sectors, such as writing CVs for academia or finance, as well as basic and advanced seminars which cover different stages of careers — from recent graduates to experienced hires. Print out your CV to see what it looks like in reality. They are looking for a good match with their role and organisation, so make it easy for them to see how you meet their requirements. Second, I am interested in gaining a better understanding of fundraising because I believe it depends on highly polished communications skills. The amount of space given to a section reflects the amount of importance you attach to it. Using more exciting colours will certainly make you stand out, but perhaps not in a positive way unless you are applying for a creative or design role. KPMG 7 Language Top tip Use the job description and person specification as checklists to self-assess your application. How do I translate them into UK ones? For example, if you are applying to somewhere that teaches predominantly mature students, give evidence for why you would be able to teach that particular group well If you have received any training or mentoring such as PGCert or GTA training, mention this Teaching statements Teaching Statements increasingly form part of the UK academic application package but they are common in the US and found in other countries. Your achievements in each section will be ordered in reverse chronology ie, most recent first. CV and cover letter seminars Our careers consultants run regular seminars during term-time which are full of advice on how to construct CVs and cover letters and how you can best market yourself to prospective employers. Thank you for taking the time to read my application. Appointments are 15 minutes long during October and 20 minutes the rest of the year and can be booked on LSE CareerHub.

However unless they ask you to state your nationality on your CV or application form there is no requirement for you to do so at this stage. Your experience working in a part-time or voluntary capacity may also be directly relevant to the position.

It highlights relevant skills and achievements. Tailoring Your CV needs to match the job you are applying for. You can use them to subdivide your work experience so that you can collect together the most relevant experience in one section.

If not, is there a more appropriate entry-point into this organisation for you? For some, the transition is smooth, for others the journey is longer and involves some rejections from employers.

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You should also think carefully about your choice of headings to highlight key experience. Experiment and see what looks clearest, what is most easy to read and what has the most impact visually.

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How to write CVs and cover letters by LSE Careers