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Highway agencies in the United States have moved their primary focus many times during the last 50 years. Proceed to Order Doing Literature Review Management In order to write a good Literature review management, we should always know that they must follow some rules and a specific structure.

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Many transportation agencies, educational and academic institutions, and governmental and industrial organizations have rigorously investigated the theoretical concepts behind Asset Management.

In addition, decisionmakers have different backgrounds and different interests. Within transportation, it may consider all different modes and all assets pertaining to these modes.

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The FHWA defines Asset Management as follows: Asset Management is a systematic approach of maintaining, upgrading, and operating physical assets cost effectively. Research is still ongoing, and the worldwide literature on the subject is annually enlarging.

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As this article is written to approach the way to write a literature review on management in a different way, using the same old rules and portraying the same old mistakes, we encourage everyone to follow these rules. Although all the above hierarchical levels of decisionmaking are clearly defined, there exists significant overlap in what the management needs to do at every level. Hence, transportation agencies in North America had one more reason to investigate whether this was an approach that they wanted to endorse and apply McNeil As a result, the decisions at each level are different in scope, as are the data aggregation level and the corresponding detail and quantity of the collected data. This decision level is often broken down into program and project selection levels Haas et al. There are mistakes that could be avoided if the author creates a better approach when writing literature reviews: Backing up work Backing up all work is always a good practice when writing literature reviews in any field. It is also called "field level" or "operational level" and refers to how the actual work is going to be done. The structured process inherent in most corporate systems aggregates information and generalizes the scope of decisions to be made higher in this hierarchy. Research is still ongoing, and the worldwide literature on the subject is annually enlarging. Main body The main body of a literature review on management is the most important part of the paper. The network decisionmaking level pertains to determining the overall agency-wide maintenance, rehabilitation, construction strategies, and works programs.

This is partly due to that significant overlap between the various decision levels, as well as the lack of relevant research initiatives in this field. To systematically approach and identify the data needed to support Asset Management decision processes, it is necessary to first define the level of decisionmaking these processes support.

Danylo and Lemer Finally, the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development OECD emphasizes the service to the public, which is the end customer of the road agencies and administrations: [Asset Management is] a systematic process of maintaining, upgrading and operating assets, combining engineering principles with sound business practice and economic rationale, and providing tools to facilitate a more organized and flexible approach to making the decisions necessary to achieve the public's expectations.

A literature review should always be enlightening, as it should give some more depth to a subject and always talk about specific topics that give importance to certain problems on any field.

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More research is therefore needed to better refine qualitative concepts used in this study. Although several States and countries around the world have welcomed and incorporated the new concepts in their state-of-the-art, the corresponding state-of-the-practice has yet to catch up, and actual implementation has proven more difficult than initially anticipated. Asset Management Decision Levels All forms of management have an internal hierarchy of decisionmaking levels. People tend to forget about active voice while writing literature reviews, this makes the whole work look more like a report or a statistic article than a literature review itself. Addresses decisions in a network, system-wide fashion rather than at a project level. Thus, in this study, the authors do not claim highly refined measurement concepts. There are various decisionmaking levels that represent different perspectives on the system, ranging from very specific, detailed, project-oriented views to generalized, comprehensive, strategic ones. Also, backing up all information will help the author to remember all important references, cites, quotes or any other information that was used during the writing of the review. Highway agencies in the United States have moved their primary focus many times during the last 50 years. VDOT conducted a pilot for a comprehensive Statewide highway inventory system by utilizing stateof-the-art procedures and cutting-edge technology Larson and Skrypczuk a, b. Decision processes can therefore be concerned with budget allocations, network optimization, works programming, and selection of alternative implementation methods, among other things.
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