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Options range from introductions to the grant writing process to more specialized classes on nonprofits and NIH grants.

Takeaway: "you can win these grants, and I'll show you how, but you've got to hustle! Ask the funder for feedback. Highlight your experience assisting with a grant for a school and ask for opportunities to assist their grant writer. This training allowed me to feel more comfortable with the overall funding process.

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Courses are broken down into short lectures, and total course time ranges from 45 minutes to 5. What You Get The confidence and knowledge to take an idea and develop it into a project.

Online Grant Writing Classes You can find many reasonably-priced options for online grant writing courses.

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Step 4 Contact the United States Environmental Protection Agency office in your area and ask when it will have the next grant workshop. They work in a wide range of settings including nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, local governments, and businesses.

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3 Ways to Learn Grant Writing