Insurance company research paper

insurance policy research paper

The premium is likely to be high. Decreasing term contract can be- mortgage protection insurance, gamily income policy and so on. A statement attending by physician established evidences of a terminal condition and certifies that the insured likely to die within the time period specified in the rider.

In most life insurance there are three major applicants under which underwriter classify them. Accidental death and dismemberment rider specifies that the insurer will not pay both accidental death benefit and dismemberment benefit for injuries in the same accident.

Research paper on insurance industry

First, taking the risk concluding the insurance contract , the insurance company does not always have the ability to cover it, to pay possible insurance losses. It usually involves weekly payments collected directly by representatives of the company. Life insurance policy of NIC ii. According to the table the amount or premium collected from this class was birr 6. Thus, if the policy holder continues premium payments, the insurance company is certain to make a payment. In most instances these documents will provide enough information for the underwriter to reach a decision about whether to issue a policy and what underwriting classification to use. In the process of selection there could be a great deal of variation with regard to occupation, age, and sex. This is because of the life insurance provision of training made to sales agents and actives contribution of all underwriting units. However, when the policy is for an exceptionally large coverage amount or when some of the data suggest a problem companies may seek further information. Chapter Three 3. Generally the gross written premium and the net written premium, as a performance in previous years indicate showed an increase. The term of coverage can vary from as little as 1 year to 40 years or more.

It may also be divided into three categories- level term, decreasing term, and increasing term contacts. It can be completed application form and non medical examination questionnaires W. Table 1. Though insurance business needs an investment in other areas to strengthen capacity, there is big problem for private companies to get these huge amounts of money.

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Level term contracts are particularly always renewable without of insurability. A policy deductable, called excess, may attract a discount in premium. The dread disease benefit may offer a premium waiver option under which the insurer agrees to waiver all renewal premium payable after accelerated death benefit payment Life insurance policy of NIC.

The methodological basis of the article is a systematic approach combining structural functional, dialectical, and hermeneutical methods. Analysis of data As a means of data analysis the descriptive statistics was applied to test the trends of the growth of the company, premium collections and claim payments by using charts or tables, graphs and so on.

Data Presentation and Analysis As the main propose of this study was data analysis and presentation of the results, it was to present the data and finding based on financial statements that are prepared by the account department of the life insurance main branch.

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Analysis of Life Insurance