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While they normally fill a back-office role in support of insurance sales agentsthey sometimes accompany the agents on sales calls to clients or prospective clients. Financial clerks should have good communication skills so that they can explain policies and procedures to colleagues and customers.

Prabodh Agrawal worked in equity capital markets for over 20 years before moving to the current role of Group CFO. Answer a few questions and view jobs at that match your preferences. These assistants review and process policy changes so that insurance underwriters can stay informed.

Underwriter assistants also must be detail-oriented, especially when helping underwriters determine the risk for providing insurance to a client.

Professional Skills In this field, good communication and technical skills are very important.

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They also investigate and correct errors in accounts. Insurance underwriters may be employed by insurance companies or by independent insurance brokerage firms. In addition, insurance companies may post job openings directly on their company website.

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The Definition of an Underwriter Assistant