How to write a press release for an event

Blast it all over social media. List contact information for your company, including the website URL. You can add related images in the event press release but make sure that you keep the heading of the event bold so that people can quickly understand the motive of your press release. The charity offers support, information, training for health, social care and education professionals and campaigns to improve access to, and quality of, health and education services.

event press release sample pdf

If we would like to host a journalist at our event, besides the press release, we should also send them an invitation clearly stating the date, time, venue and the reason for the event.

Journalist C: Lifestyle, fashion, cosmetics, and design 4. Adding attachments to your event press release Journalist A: When it comes to grand openings, good pictures are key.

Press release sample for product launch

Blast it all over social media. Journalist B: Local news, city life and local government 3. Ensure that you provide all the crucial details in the first paragraph, which is what reporters are looking for to tell your story. That means short and easy to read on a tiny screen. Influencers help readers understand the most important key points of your announcement. Avoid flowering around the point of focus and being too wordy. Was this article helpful? Journalist B: Putting just the name of the event, the date and the link to a Facebook page description is extremely bad practice.

Journalists and publications get countless press releases, so you have to make yours stand out.

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Mastering Event PR: How to Craft an Event Press Release