How to write a business case summary

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Does it flow or does it sound choppy? This is why the executive summary is often called the most important part of the business plan.

How to write a business case summary

The business case should also include any limitations since these present potential risk to the project. Labor and Dependencies — the people behind the project Whose labor hours will be needed? Start by following the list above and writing one to two sentences about each topic depending on whether your business is a startup or an established business. What amount of money will go to each resource needed? This is because you have a greater clarity about your proposed line of action. This is a good point at which to step away from the document, put it away and return with fresh eyes. What positive outcomes might we expect? It describes what is included and what is excluded plus the key interdependencies with other projects. Many organisations have a template for business cases, setting out the required structure and format, so check whether there is one in your company before you start. If the purpose of your business plan is to get a small business loan , focus on highlighting what traditional lenders want to see, such as management's experience in the industry and the fact that you have both collateral and strategies in place to minimize the lender's risk. The Structure of the Business Case A business case needs to lead the reader through the problem, to consider various solutions, and finally decide on which option is best. Illustrate your case with data from similar projects and case studies, if possible. This page assumes that you have already done that work, whether on your own or as part of a working group. Based on all the inputs available, you should have an idea of how likely it is that the project will be approved. To the stakeholders: to the investors, to your supervisor, to the department chair; maybe even to the board.

The opportunity cost is a measure of what else you could have been doing with the money instead of investing in this project. Make clear when you need a decision and why that date is crucial. You should also include a figure -- usually an additional percent of the total -- for scope creep.

If possible, make it a day later but, if this is not possible, then at least a few hours. Does the benefit outweigh the cost?

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Remember that some decision-makers may only read the executive summary, so you need to make sure that you have included everything relevant. It might include next steps, or it might not. These sources may include financial sources from within the company, case studies from similar projects, historical data, industry analysis and forecasts, demographic studies, and so on.

Qualitative: Improve customer understanding of our product. You should also try to develop a sense of the urgency. This is usually written right in the end after the case is finally prepared.

Ideally, the review should take place before starting a new stage to avoid unnecessary investment in time and money.

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Executive Summary of the Business Plan