How to write a brand position statement

A positioning statement is the reason why your brand is here rather than an explanation of your brand.

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To be used in places like web copy and cold email. All while communicating more effectively with prospects. If used properly, this statement can help you make effective decisions to help differentiate your brand, attract your target customers, and win market share from your competition.

Company: Kaiser Permanente Positioning Statement: Kaiser Permanente is a health insurance company that provides members and communities with high-quality, affordable care so anyone can be healthy and thrive.

Be concise and true.

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Hop in—your driver knows exactly where to go. Any other mysteries can be solved with additional research. Now you can start putting your brand promise and brand definition into words. Home Depot: You can do it. No matter the industry, effectively identifying where your brand should be positioned in the marketplace is the first step to true marketing success. Brand Positioning This is the final dish that comes out after you throw all the other ingredients in the crock pot and let them simmer down. Next, ask yourself the following three questions. Does every touch point look, say, and feel like the brand I want my customers to perceive?

For example, if your business and its brand are perceived as being solely for an older generation, a brand positioning statement could help you reach members of a younger demographic if that is your goal.

This takes courage; to actively position your brand means you have to stand for something. That might sound ridiculous: you understand it better than anyone, right?

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Those change. A software company might have the most advanced technology that provides better functionality. Your value proposition focuses on the benefits your customers receive by using your products or services and touches on the emotional impact of your brand. How to write a brand positioning statement The positioning statement is generally used as an internal only document, not a tagline. Promise: How can you convey that thing in a promise to your prospects? The vision is the future of the business — and like the mission, this statement is about the internal perception of the brand. Apple used the tagline through the early s. As such, it is important to know what you are aiming at. Every member of your organization that touches the customer has to be the perfect expression of your position.

Can your brand own it? Why should your customer remember your brand above the rest? Pay less. Each customer has their own idea of what you are.

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We do this by eliminating overhead, forming strategic partnerships with major brands, and matching any other price on the web. A positioning statement expresses the essence of a brand with precision.

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How to Write a Positioning Statement for Your Brand