Guide to writing a crime novels

crime story ideas

A decent villain has a deep reason as to why he or she is doing things, and the suspects will need an equally compelling reason and motivation to keep their secrets. In addition, you might foreshadow too much — so much that your foreshadowing has become foretelling, or, letting know your readers exactly what is going to happen.

Make your location a character. Also, through a series of guided readings and discussions, we will be looking at aspects of crime fiction in action.

The interesting characters fall into different categories. There are other categories of crime fiction. Moreover, in most stories, the protagonist is flung into a different world than the one he knew before when he or she is introduced to the problem in this case, the crime.

how to write a detective character

Besides the protagonist, we will divide the rest of the cast into several categories.

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Six top tips for writing crime fiction