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Persons having businesses with annual sales turnover exceeding RM, are liable to be registered under GST. GST awareness and education programmes will be conducted on an on-going basis until the GST is implemented. With this price reduction, the rakyat will benefit from the cheaper goods and services such as clothing and footwear, basic food, communication, furnishings, hardware and maintenance, transport, housing, water, electricity, gas and fuel.

One of the members has to be nominated by the group as the representative member of the group.

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However, you may voluntarily apply for registration. The annual sales turnover can be determined based on either: The total value of taxable supplies of the current month and the previous 11 months, or The total value of taxable supplies of the current month and the next 11 months. Apart from this, the government will also institute various fiscal measures to increase the national revenue. The businesses are required only to submit simplified tax returns based on prescribed formats. Every party except the final consumer can claim back credits on the GST they already paid known as input tax. If there is excess, the amount shall be remitted to the government within the stipulated period. Comprehensive audit programmes to audit business records and accounts; andEnhancement of the knowledge and expertise of the officers of the Customs Department in specific skills such as accounting, finance and law as well as equipping them with advanced audit techniques and methodology including the usage of forensic accounting and intelligence. If you would like to find out further on Goods and Services Tax GST Malaysia and how we can help you, please feel free to contact us today. We are a group of professional chartered accountants, tax specialists and business consultants dedicated to advise and assist Malaysian businesses grow. As a matter of fact, the imposition of GST will not make any difference to the tax burden of those earning below RM3, monthly as they would have paid tax on the consumption of those goods and services.

The Director General of Customs may upon request allow the tax invoice to be varied from the above whether in term of particulars in the tax invoice or issuance of other type of tax invoice e. But businesses CAN claim back credits on their input tax.

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Q38 Who will administer the GST? Exempt supplies are non taxable supplies which are not subject to GST at the output stage that is, when supplied to the consumer. As such, farmers are also required to be registered under the GST subject to the threshold that has been stipulated.

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Goods and Services Tax (Malaysia)