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Weary from months of searching, he sits down to rest when the room suddenly fills with the sweet fragrance often worn by the girl.

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The site creates a profile for you and an ad. Going back a full year, there have been no lodgers resembling the girl he loves. It is the fragrance she loved and wore, and he cries out "She has been in this room. No need for furniture insurance. At the twelfth, the unwholesome-looking housekeeper informs him she has the back room on the third floor available. Inventory of furnishings. A worn rug tells the story of a woman marching in front of the dresser. There is a woman's name scratched on the mirror. Do your due diligence and evaluate your market before deciding! One of the most popular stories by O. You should also upload your photo as it will improve the response rate to your messages on the site.

The room opened up a week ago. She leads him up the dark and dank stairway to the room.

Furnished room

You are not responsible for insuring their furniture or any other items they bring to the property. He rests in the chair listening to various noises inside and outside the building, smelling the cold and musty air. When the tenancy ends, you will have the option to use the furnishings yourself or use in your other rental properties. The perfume and the spirit have gone, replaced by the musty odor and the stale atmosphere. The girl is fair, of medium height and slender, with reddish gold hair and a mole near her left eyebrow. There of course is the added benefit of not having to find a parking spot! Convenience is king for apartments in Atlantic Station. With some of the biggest malls in Atlanta and the vast majority of big name brands having stores here. She claims it is a good and convenient room, very popular and not often vacant. Drained of his hope and his faith, he sits down and stares at the gas light. The room has been abused, as if in rage, by its previous dwellers. Renting apartments in Atlantic Station does come at a cost though and the accessibility of the area makes it a bit more expensive than the surrounding areas. It was exactly a week ago that the last lodger killed herself with the gas in the room — a young girl who would have been called handsome but for a mole by her left eyebrow. You can deduct a percentage of the cost of goods for tax purposes.

This site uses cookies to provide, protect and improve our service. The young man returns to his room and finds it dead.

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Then he walks over to his bed and begins to tear the sheets into strips. While landlords with larger apartments or houses are best to leave them unfurnished, since tenants are likely to be older and may have families, and thus, more likely to have accumulated furniture etc.

Henry's "The Furnished Room".

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He finds remnants and small records of many lives but nothing belonging to his lover. Then he walks over to his bed and begins to tear the sheets into strips. Inner downtown areas such as Castleberry Hill are full of fabulously converted warehouses into modern lofts. He takes the room and pays for a week in advance. Take care to cancel when you no longer need the service, as they automatically renew. No need for furniture insurance. Buckhead Atlanta Apartments Buckhead is one of the more sought-after areas in Atlanta — having that appealing mixture of being family friendly but also just moments from the heart of the city. Henry's "The Furnished Room". However, unfurnished units allow tenants to make the space their own.

He springs up and turns around, and is enveloped by the rich scent. You can also chat with Suggested Tenants and create and sign digital contracts all in one place.

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A Landlord's Guide to Renting Furnished or Unfurnished Properties