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If you change your mind after the page publishes, you can always go back and change the category. Define a Preferred Audience to help Facebook understand who you want to reach with your posts. You should have also added the necessary people to your business, too.

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You can take advantage of extended visibility by choosing to let Facebook show your page in Discover. Load your profile picture to your new Facebook business page.

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Go ahead and proceed to the next section when you finish with all of those steps. However, over time the number of assets your company holds has a habit of rapidly expanding.

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The Comment Ranking setting lets you choose whether to show the most recent comments first or the most relevant comments based on engagement first. Event what?! At first, you want to actually see what works best to build awareness. Why Use Facebook Business Manager? Billions of people get a free service to stay connected to those they care about and to express themselves. Depending on the goals of your business, you may want to restrict downloading of videos by ticking the Content Distribution box. Our systems are still evolving and improving.

Once you signup, you are launched directly into the Business Manager app that will look something like this: Here is your dashboard, where you can access everything about your business. You should see links in the middle of the page to click and edit payment method details.

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Understanding Facebook’s Business Model