Essay on technical education

They are very useful in an industrial society. Through them, the money goes away.

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Vocational education has immensely diversified over the period of time. It promotes the material and economic advancement.

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Every country should give high priority on technical education to uplift the prosperity of the nation. Unless specified otherwise: from the ubiquitous computer, technical and distension dec 15, such as i f: custom essay writers!

These engineers and technicians should know the latest industrial techniques and methods.

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Students who pursue vocational courses at college level do not require undergoing such training programs. Students are now aware of their skills and choose their careers wisely. Carpenter, drivers, mechanics, engineers, doctor, pilots and so on are technicians.

Essay on technical education

Our country is rich in raw material resources, but we cannot derive their benefits because we lack in technical education. Essay on Benefits of Vocational Education — Essay 5 words Introduction Vocational education is the skill based education in a specific field which enables students to acquire training and practical skills in a specific trade, vocation or occupation. The program has five year duration and offers vocational training and employment in the fields of Information Technology, BPO and retail. Some of the profiles for which skilled manpower is high in demand across the world include computer specialist, nuclear technician, fashion designers, electricians, cardiovascular technologist and web-developer. We may laugh over the super-subtleties or we may scoff at the book worm pouring over voluminous books—but that is our idea of an educated person or used to be. The number of men with general education is legion and all the various departments where these men can be provided are literally packed. They are very useful in an industrial society. Diverse job functions from various sectors such as banking and finance, food and beverage, tourism, computer network, designing, healthcare, cosmetology, skilled trades etc, are included in vocational education. The question arises who is responsible for this production of beggars and stealers. Therefore, a young man who has failed to seek a job and earn by working must inevitably turn out to be either a beggar or a stealer.
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Essay on Vocational Education for Children and Students in English