Discrimination and adult social care

What is discrimination

Also looks at child development stages and some common diagnoses, interventions and treatments for mental illness. For example: An employee being fired because they are taking time off to care for their disabled child. Making fun of a colleague because they care for old people. Some protected characteristics have been researched more than others. Not wanting to care for a patient because they are married to an Asian woman. Causing you harm or disadvantage A healthcare or care provider mustn't cause you any harm or disadvantage because of a protected characteristic. Doug believes that a cultural shift and change in attitudes in social care is vital to provide relevant care for LGBT people.

Visit the case study section below for an example of sexual harassment in the healthcare industry. Discrimination on the bases of disability, race or immigration status mean that some sections of the population are significantly over represented among poor families.

accidental discrimination

Indirect Discrimination When there is a practice, condition, policy, or rule that applies to everyone but inadvertently puts people with one or more of the protected characteristics at a disadvantage, it is considered indirect discrimination.

Do what you can to prevent or eliminate any possibility of discrimination occurring. This is likely to elicit more detailed responses than those given in consumer surveys or feedback on websites.

Discrimination and adult social care

Can you think of any reasons for this under- or over-representation? This would be discrimination because of sexual orientation. Nick was born female, but was diagnosed with gender dysphoria, meaning that that he had the gendered mind of a man. Further Resources:. It may even fall under more than one type of discrimination.

Example Your local meals on wheels service stops providing you with a meals service when they find out your partner is transsexual.

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