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Put the person on his or her back on a firm surface.

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Rescue breathing can be mouth-to-mouth. Send for somebody to call The most important thing in administering First Aid is to make sure you and the victim are safe B.

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If nobody else is available call Check for normal breathing, taking no more than 10 seconds: Look for chest motion, listen for breath sounds, and. Open the person's airway using the head tilt-chin lift. Look, listen, and feel for the victim's breath. Summary: You have now learned how to perform CPR. Position yourself next to the victim's shoulders. Place your other hand on top of the first, palm down. Prepare to give two rescue breaths.

Place your hands in the correct position in the frontal area of the victim. CPR can restore resposiveness in a person who haslost resposiveness.

There are many places where classes are taught, just look in your local phonebook or look on the internet. Immediately after performing 30 chest compressions you will give two rescue breaths. Orientating Material 1. If you can not secure the victim, then move the victim. If nobody else is available call Transition: After performing 30 chest compressions, you will begin the last step. Method of Organization: Chronological Begin your presentation with the statement beside Roman numeral I I First Sentence: "Imagine you're at home eating a holiday dinner with your family and your uncle begins to suffer a heart attack. Move the victim into the correct position, keeping the person's body as stable as possible. These signs of communication depending on how perceived by the receiver from the sender can be positive or negative, effective or ineffective. Check the ABC's Check for breathing a. Has anyone ever wondered what they would do if somebody they knew had stopped breathing or heart had stopped? We will talk about when …show more content… If the person isn't breathing normally or you aren't sure, begin mouth to mouth.

Lock your elbows and using your body's weight, compress the victim's chest. One way is to call If there is no service in your area, call the police or hospital directly. IV Thesis: Tonight I will explain the lifesaving process of surveying an emergency, contacting emergency medical services, and administering CPR.

Place one hand on top of the other and hook the fingers. Transition: If the victim does not respond continue with the third step of CPR. Place your hands in the correct position in the frontal area of the victim. We will talk about when …show more content… a. Transition: If the victim is not breathing, continue with the next step. The second step in an emergency is to contact an emergency medical service EMS. Repeat the cycles of breathing and chest compression four times.

If the victim is not breathing, give him or her two quick breaths right away. The third step in an emergency is to administer CPR.

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