Correct format to write a friendly letter

Directly beneath the closing sentiment, place your signature.

greetings letter opening

Skip a line after the greeting and before the close. Today, texting and social media have replaced personal letters. Between the body and closing, skip another two lines.

You can write your thoughts about things you are interested in or any subject you want to discuss. Knowing how to write a letter, whether business or personal, is a skill we all need.

You need to leave 2 lines between the closing and the end of the body. Below the sample text here, you will find a fully editable PDF that you can use as a template for drafting your own letter. Our AnswerShark team is always glad to share some tips and recommendations to simplify the writing process for you.

Now, you even know how to end a friendly letter and how to make it interesting. The writer has also added a few comments so that you understand the role of each letter section.

friendly letter format template

Below, we'll lay out the specific steps for letter-writing, explore some general tips, and review two specific types of letters. If you are writing to a person you do not know well, you can mention how you got to know each other.

Example of a friendly letter

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Be sure to never forget the comma after the name. Mentioning the Date Mention date on which you are writing the friendly letter following a format that includes the Month first followed by the Day and then the Year. Leave out unnecessary details. It ends in a comma. No signature Although a letter to a friend is not a formal piece of writing, there is still some kind of etiquette you should follow. Examples of Signatures. As you re-read your letter for accuracy, ask yourself if anything in there is unnecessary information.

This keeps the reader hooked to the letter. Skip one of your final lines to include a complimentary close.

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Informal Letters: Introduction, Letter Format with Questions and Videos