Capital punishment protecting liberty essay

Young black men are fifteen times as likely to be murdered as young white men. In Great Britain, it was abolished except for cases of treason in ; France abolished it in No comparable body of evidence contradicts that conclusion.

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In the case of witchcraft, it Edition: current; Page: [50] is much more probable, that a number of men should be deceived, than that any person should exercise a power which God hath refused to every created being.

Edition: current; Page: [67] Torture is used to make the criminal discover his accomplices; but if it has been demonstrated that it is not a proper means of discovering truth, how can it serve to discover the accomplices, which is one of the truths required. It unduly burdens the criminal justice system, and it is thus counterproductive as an instrument for society's control of violent crime.

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On the Punishment of Heretics. If, in fact, it does not effect these ends better than penal alternatives such as lengthy incarceration, then capital punishment is not justified on utilitarian grounds.

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Capital Punishment