British museum mesopotamia writing and literature

literacy in mesopotamia

Y63 Zikir sumim : Assyriological studies presented to F. Vom mesopotamischen Menschen der altbabylonischen Zeit und seiner Welt. S38 Sayce, A. Die kultur um den Persischen golf und ihre ausbreitung, von Amelia Hertz I72 M45 Melville, Sarah Chamberlin.

Vanstiphout, editors. Winona Lake, Ind. The daughter of King Sargon, the great leader of Akkad and the destroyer of Sumeria, she was appointed by her farther to be chief astronomer and priestess of the moon goddess of her city. M48 Oberhuber, Karl.

cuneiform facts

Chicago : University of Chicago Press, Legal aspects of slavery in Babylonia, Assyria and Palestine; a comparative study B. R4 Romer, Willem H. S85 Toorn, K.

Cuneiform alphabet

Delhi, [India] : Rare Reprints, Cambridge [Eng. Editorial board: Ignace J. G74 Grayson, Albert Kirk. Rom : Papstl Bibelinstitut, K a Keilschrifttexte aus Boghazkoi. Explorations in Bible lands during the 19th century. Mesopotamian motifs can be detected in the works of Egyptian , Greek , and Roman works and still resonate in the present day through the biblical narratives which they inform.
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