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Two years later he was elected as the President of ATP. Fearful of her father's violent behavior, after dropping out of school, she spent some time living in a protective shelter for abused children. Measuring 5-feet inches, and possessing superb power and athletic skill, Gibson seemed destined for bigger victories. While USTA rules officially prohibited racial or ethnic discrimination, players qualified for the Nationals by accumulating points at sanctioned tournaments, most of which were held at white-only clubs. The next year marked another very important milestone for Arthur Ashe. He was the first person to lie in state at the mansion since the Confederate general Stonewall Jackson in Arthur is depicted carrying books in one hand and a tennis racket in the other, symbolizing his love of knowledge and tennis. In that year he became the first African American to be ranked number one, a feat repeated in after he won Wimbledon. Dodd in the Democratic primary for his seat. The ATP was formed to represent the interests of male tennis pros. Along with Arthur's growing celebrity status, the sport of tennis was becoming more and more popular.

With the United States grappling over the question of race, they turned to Althea for answers, or at least to get a firsthand perspective. The loser always has an excuse; the winner always has a program.

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It was a poignant final display for a man who was never shy about showing his concern for the welfare of others. Althea's accomplishments were more revolutionary because of the psychosocial impact on Black America. At the age of four, he began playing tennis at Brook Field, a black-only park where his father worked as caretaker.

Walter Johnson, who would become his lifelong coach and mentor.

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His commitment and efforts toward this cause were such that when Nelson Mandela, a political prisoner of the South African government for 27 years, was first set free and was asked whom in the U. Ashe continued to work, even as his health began to deteriorate, traveling to Washington, D.

By it was apparent that Arthur had a talent for tennis but needed a proper coach in order to keep improving.

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Ashe's childhood was marked by hardship and opportunity.

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