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The captain could not follow any twinge of conscience that he felt, for it was not his position to do so.

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Furthermore, what mattered most by reading the books ironically is that it is easy to see the outcome of a situation which is pleasing to be conscious of. The story goes on around a certain person's life in a ship where he was said to be one of the crew. What do we gain by viewing Billy Budd as an inviolate, sexually unavailable male who remains, in these ways, intact by the end of the work? Through the use of many literary devices, Melville makes a compelling story and develops his theme. Bellipotent from his previous ship the Rights-of-Man, a merchant ship. A mutiny would destroy the stability and good name of the ship and the crew. He survives, joining in happily with the mass adulation accorded Billy. His death signifies the inevitable failure of the Handsome Sailor; it also anticipates his triumphant, desire-instigating return. Chicago: Chicago UP, The captain could not follow any twinge of conscience that he felt, for it was not his position to do so. If CaptainVere lets Billy live the rest of the crew might get the impression that they will not be held accountable for their crimes.

In certain matters, some sailors even in mature life remain unsophisticated enough. Wiegman, Robyn. Yet, by the time he began writing Billy Budd, Sailor inMelville must have tempered this view, for Billy Budd depicts the inevitable destruction of a man who is all heart but who utterly lacks insight.

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The author wrote many books and penned poetry in his later years. His presence aboard ship involves the men in a symbiotic cycle of awakened group desire leading into irresolvable, unsatisfiable needs that are themselves untenable.

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Berkeley: California UP. There are three traits that tie Captain Ahab and Billy Budd together even though they are on different sides in the fight between Good and Evil. He is a Christ like figure for the way his life ended, how he felt when he was being hung, and what he mouthed right before he past away Billy Budd was pure as anyone can be God let them remain in his presence because of this reason.

That is, through an unorthodox practice that is; jumping from pt. Perhaps one of the most widely recognized themes in Billy Budd is the corruption of innocence by society Gilmore Robertson-Lorant, Laurie.

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Surely a beautiful man might come along and change everything In the beginning of the novel, when Red Whiskers gives Billy Budd problems, he strikes him with a powerful blow and does not have any more problems with him or the crew again

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