Because of winn dixie essay question

How might the story change now that Opal is beginning to appreciate her dad more?

Because of winn dixie summary

How long do you think Winn-Dixie well get to stay? Featured Book. Why do you think Opal wanted to know ten things about her mother? About Winn-Dixie? Do you agree? She is new in town and with the help of the dog, that her dad lets her keep, she gets to know everyone and become friends with them. The little girl, Opal, has normal features of hair, hands, feet, and she is wearing shorts with a t-shirt. But as she gets to know them, her opinions change. Do you agree with her thought? Everyone Opal meets in the book are also believable.

Can you tell what her mother is like from the ten things her father describes to her? Did you eventually change your opinion? Why do you think the author brought each of these characters into the story? No one does magic or has unnatural features.

Because of winn dixie essay question

Opal believes that the dog does smile and that is what is important to her and everyone else. Once the kids know that the story they are about to read is about a girl living with her dad, you can frame the discussion in terms of Opal instead of the kids in your class themselves.

Why do you think Opal wanted to know ten things about her mother? When the author makes the dog smile, it could just look like the dog is smiling but not really be smiling.

What adjustments do you think Opal might have to make? Does everybody miss somebody? Update this section!

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