An analysis of antonio s conflicts between the catholic god and the golden carp

Waiting for the appearance of the Virgen de Guadalupe, he sees his mother, who says that those baptized in the holy water of the moon are saved. This boy expresses his emotions and grief through his dreams, only to wake up with fear and confusion in his mind. They could eat everything — except the sacred carp. The golden carp represents a wonderful god to Tony because he is loving and tangible. Neither is better than the other, but a combination of both is the way to find a satisfying faith. Bless Me, Ultima. Antonio again wonders about his own innocence and when he will suffer its loss. Both cognitive and emotional development combine to propel him to a level where initiation into the religion of the golden carp causes him to begin to raise doubts about Catholicism.

As the indigenous people began to learn the Spanish ways of life, they blended their beliefs with those of the Spaniards to create syncretism, which continued through the ages. When Tony, their pretend priest, does not perform the way the children want him to, they become violent and take on a mob mentality.

The power of her education of syncretism is that she allows Tony to decide for himself, not imposing her own feelings on him and protecting him from too much influence from others. Even though Tony doubts the Catholic Church, he cannot bring himself to solely believe in the golden carp or in God.

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After the body is pulled from the water, Antonio kneels beside it, makes the sign of the cross, and prays an Act of Contrition. Moreover, Maria chooses to shape her dream as she sees fit: instead of telling Antonio that the Luna priest was also the father, she creates a holier vision of a priest who remains physically pure.

Ultima bags the vile mixture and plans to burn it at the site where the dancing took place.

Post navigation. Although Samuel teaches the legend of the golden carp to him, Tony is reluctant to believe at first because of his former education in Catholicism. The priest, however, proclaims that Antonio is not innocent at all and must achieve innocence through holy communion with God. Florence needs at least one god, one that can bring beauty into his life. The changes in their personalities teach Tony that the world is bigger than just his household. While Antonio strives to emulate his brothers, his brothers in turn have their own expectations for him. His increasing understanding of sex between men and women that resulted from his last experience with his brothers is attended by fears of loss of innocence, a viewpoint attributed to his mother. She thrives on all sources of power, balancing them to her advantage.

Then the silence was shattered with the thunder of hoof-beats; vaqueros surrounded the small house. This experience shows Antonio that he may not be suited to life as a priest.

An analysis of antonio s conflicts between the catholic god and the golden carp

Analysis: Quince—Dieciocho 15—18 In these chapters, it becomes clear to Antonio that social prejudice and entrenched assumptions often unfairly determine the course of justice. Ultima assures him that not every type of faith is mutually exclusive, and Antonio is able to use the same lesson in dealing with the conflicting cultures in his life.

As Tony learns all beliefs are bound together into a balanced system, he also realizes that, when the balance is disturbed, it must be restored, as with the deaths of Tenorio and Ultima.

When the brothers return and the family is once more complete, things have still changed from the way that they were. Myth Myth is a very important theme in the novel because it is an underlying presence in the culture that surrounds Antonio. Cico believes in many gods; the god of the Catholic Church, he says, is a jealous god who cannot live in peace with the other gods. Although this seems to make Maria happy, little does she realize that being a man of learning requires Tony to analyze and question seemingly concrete beliefs, such as religion and family heritage. This prehistoric past links Antonio to the physical landscape in powerful ways. The Lunas represent the indigenous people, tied to the earth by their farming; whereas, the Marez represent the conquistadors, freely roaming the llano. The Virgin? Their poles set, Samuel tells Antonio that it is bad luck to fish for carp because long ago, when the world was young, the people in this region were given all they desired because they were faithful.
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Religion and Belief in Bless Me Ultima Essay